Beem It has a leapy ( AKA someone that has their birthday on leap year 😊 )

Take advantage of all extra 1,440 minutes of the leap year with Beem It and don’t let money conversations get in the way. Use the extra time to go out for a few drinks with friends, book a pottery class with your partner or cook a feast for your family. 

Beem It has over 470 of you born on February 29th. If you come across someone who is born on the 29th of February (otherwise known as a ‘Leapy’), why not treat them, because they’re younger than they seem. 

Here at Beem It HQ we are lucky enough to have a resident Leapy in our team Jason B - our fabulous Head Of Operations. So we thought we would sit down and ask him a few questions about Beem It and what having a birthday once every four years is like?


Q: How old are you? Do you count in leap years?

Jason: 8 this year, and of course I count in leap years. How else would I beat every other kid in my age group at the swimming carnival? Really hanging out for my 21st in 52 years time.

Q: Do you celebrate your birthday on non-leap years and is it in February or March? 

Jason: What do you mean celebrate on non leap years…… Always has to be Feb 28th, not going to have a Birthday in March. I have tried to swing the gift things on both days but it’s a hard sell.

Q: What are the plans for this leap year birthday?

Jason: It’s always a bit exciting when you have a ‘real’ birthday so I’ll use it as an opportunity to catch up with some friends, grab some tacos from my favourite taco joint and see where the day takes us.

Q: Are you expecting a Beem It gift this birthday? Which gift card would you like?

Jason: I imagine I’ll get a gift or two through Beem it, I’m hoping for the armadillo, I’m a big fan of the Central American native animal. Most likely will just end up getting a split request from some of my cheaper mates though who’ll insist on making me pay at my own Birthday.

Q: How does Beem It make it easier for you to be smarter with your money?

Jason: As a “leapy” Beem It makes sure I don’t overspend at everybody else’s birthdays that come so frequently! One every year, oh to be so lucky. I can easily request payment instantly from mates when we go out, or can set up groups to keep track of larger expenses when we travel. 

Q: What do you like about working at Beem It?

Jason: The passion that the whole team has for the app, and the way we then share ideas across the business to improve things for our customers is highly motivating. Impromptu table tennis games are also a plus


Do you have any questions for Jason  or want to know anything about Beem It? Maybe you have a really good idea about how we can improve? Let us know by getting in contact with our friendly team at


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