Battle of the drinks

Dry July has come to an end and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with Jimmy Brings to give you the chance to win some sweet vouchers for your next night in (competition details below). You could be sitting back, sipping a few warming whiskeys or enjoying an oaky red wine (whatever takes your fancy) in the comfort of your home. Who doesn’t love drinks delivered quickly to your door, contact free and in line with COVID rules? Just like Beem It with instant payments to your friends, Jimmy Brings makes life easier with drinks delivered to your friends.

Right now (if you're anything like me) you’re already planning what you're going to spend the prize on. Love the optimism, but to help with your decision we thought we would #SpillTheBeems on what drinks users are putting in their descriptions. Who knows, those winning in popularity may be what you use in your ‘winning’ descriptions. 

We checked out what drinks are the most popular on Beem It and “beer” is the clear winner, possibly because Beem It makes it easier to get paid back for the ‘other half’ of the case. Beem It replaces the need for rounds (where someone always skips out early at the pub and leaves the others paying more - you know who you are 😉). 


Interestingly the highest percentage at 38% of requests to payments was “whisky” as a description. I guess when you buy a good quality whisky, Beemers are more likely to want to get the money they are owed back.


JimmyBrings has a few options when it comes to the Beers you can get. It seems Beemers are keeping in good spirits during this tough COVID time and are spending money on plenty of Corona’s to enjoy time at home. “Corona” is the most popular beer description at 10x the next in line, although that may have been helped with a big spike in the general use of the word this year.



“Red wine” is the winning wine description with Beemers. Surprisingly no one is making any payments when it comes to “Sauvignon”. Is it the confusing french spelling or are they just so good they’re not worth sharing? The rumble of the reds is won by “Shiraz”. It’s hard to beat a good bottle, born in the Barossa and to your door with Jimmy Brings.


In the mixer match-up “Red Bull” won out, followed by “Lemonade” as a payment description. Use this information to solve any arguments about what mixers to get for any future gatherings, go easy on the Redbull though, isolation and extra energy might not be the best combo.

Alcohol not your thing? Jimmy Brings also deliver extras, so we thought we would take a look at what Beemers are making payments on as well (even though this is about drinks battling it out on Beem It). “Panadol”, “chocolate” and “Berocca” seem to be the extras of choice with Beemers when making payments with their friends. 

Hopefully some of the above keywords will help you with our JimmyBrings competition. It ends on 09.08.2020, with winners to be announced on 11.08.2020. So make sure you get in quick!


To enter, simply:

  1. Follow both Beem It & Jimmy Brings on Instagram

  2. Tag a mate in the comments on our Beem It #SpillTheBeems giveaway Instagram post

  3. In your comment on the  #SpillTheBeems giveaway post, tell describe a legendary night with them using only emojis.

*Entrants must be aged 18+ to be eligible for the giveaway

*Exclusive to Australia (excl. NT & Tas residents)

*Must be following both Instagram accounts

*Must be signed up to Beem It with a valid ID

*Giveaway closes on 9.8.20 & all winners will be announced on 11.8.20 via our Instagram page

*This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram


If you liked any of the above facts about payments, make sure to be following Beem It on Instagram or follow the hashtag #SpillTheBeems. We will be showcasing more interesting, weird and wonderful facts about Beemers for you to enjoy. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve connecting with each other, whether it’s an app innovation or something we could do at work, we would love to hear from you. We're working harder than ever to ensure you continue to have the best Beem It experience possible. Please share any other ideas that you would like us to incorporate into our next blog post here

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