A Day In The Life: Senior Product Designer

Want a little sneak peek into the life of a designer at Beem? Though no two days are the same, let’s walk through what a typical day on our design team could look like for you. If that hint wasn’t too obvious, we’re currently on the lookout for a gun Senior Product Designer. We followed Zeenia, our fearless design leader, around for the day to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like in the design team. From solving the big customer problems to enhancing our user experience, Zee plays a crucial role in ensuring all Beemers have a seamless, fun, and social experience. Read on to find out what the average day looks like for Zee and the team.  

Before work

I start the day by grabbing a chai latte, it’s the best way to kickstart my brain and kickstart my creative thinking. When I’m working from home, I like to clear my workspace so I start a new day in a fresh space. If the weather is looking nice, I’ll set up my tripod and capture some content for Beem’s Tiktok page - stay tuned on this one! 

8.30 am

I love to dedicate 30 mins first thing in the morning to browse some articles which keep me up to date with what’s going on in the design and tech world plus gain some inspo.

Everyone does things a little differently, but I like to write up my to-dos for the day using good old post it notes. Since I’m always juggling different priorities & projects, this helps me stay focused and on track for the day ahead.

Usually, catch up on slack & admin stuff to get it out of the way for the day so I can focus on the good stuff.

10 am - ish

At the start of the sprint, 10 am = sprint planning with our team – we use this time to check in on our progress from the last sprint, see how we’re tracking with workload & capacities, discuss what new fun work has come up and decide as a team who would be most keen to work on it. We always make sure to catch up on what's going on with our lives outside of work; cool things we got up to on the weekend, and if we have any exciting leave plans coming up soon, we’re a social bunch here at Beem. If it’s any other day, usually we’ve got our team stand-ups, to check in with how we’re tracking against our project & sprint goals, and see if we can help each other in any way.

1 pm 

Every day and every project is a little different, so each day could consist of the following:

  • Running ideation sessions to uncover ways to drive outcomes or solve specific project problems. 

  • Jumping in to either facilitate or observe user research sessions – this helps to build confidence in our designs and the assumptions we made along the way.

  • Head down in the tools rapidly designing & prototyping to make our team’s ideas come to life. – If this is the case, I love to have either a solid Spotify playlist pumping or some youtube videos to watch on the side. My brain needs overstimulation.

  • Walking through the team's designs & work with the team to gather feedback – early and often as we like to say. Or developing a teammate’s ideas with healthy feedback and encouragement.

  • Being curious and perusing what other products are building and designing – we love doing market research not just in the financial space, there’s so much good stuff out there that we can learn from to stay well-versed.

  • Sometimes we’re collating insights and thoughts that we can share with our team and the business – this could be about a new skill we’ve learned, a conference we went to, or something interesting we think the team would love to hear about. 

3 pm

Usually, by this point in the day, I’m pretty drained so to recharge my social battery I have a chill coffee hang (or chat on slack if I’m WFH)

Once I’m feeling energised again, I like to check in with my to-dos & slack once again to see how I went that day and start thinking about what tomorrow looks like. 

The working day is done, what do you do to switch off?

If I’m WFH I need to do something to shock my system out of work mode – most of the time I love to do a quick pilates sesh, drive home to see my family or just cook some dinner & soak in some reality tv to really wind down.

Working in the design team at Beem, no two days are the same and you’re encouraged to push your creative boundaries. The world is your oyster! If you are a passionate designer and like the sound of what a day at work could look like for you, check out our current roles available here! Word on the street is that designers have the best resumes so we can’t wait to peek yours!

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