Reminder to watch out for any silly business this silly season.

This time of year goes extremely fast. We’re all clocked off and ready to hang with mates. But it’s also a reminder to keep an eye out for any silly activity that scammers get up to.

We’ve all been there. We might have clicked on a link that we’ve mistaken for a package arriving or an urgent request for a bill to pay. The quick response is for these notifications to be out of sight and out of mind. Just be mindful of any suss texts that come your way.

Beem is a super secure payments platform with measures in place to stop fraudulent activity. But there are scammers out there ready to do a number of things to get a quick buck.

If you see any suspicious activity in your accounts, contact your bank ASAP as they have the authority to assist you. Here are some golden tips to keep you safe this season:

💡Don’t give out your personal details over the phone.

💡Switch up your passwords often and keep them off your computer.

💡Keep an eye out for any emails or text messages that ask for your personal details and don’t click on any links that could come from an unknown source.

💡Watch out for people outside of your contact list, requesting money from you. They start with building trust and posing as friends or family.

💡Double check sites that you buy from. A quick google search goes a long way.

💡Don’t do any major bank transfers while using public wifi.

As always, stay safe and enjoy your well deserved break!

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