Your 2022 Beem Bundle has dropped

Hey Beemers!

It’s been an incredible experience being your go-to money pal this year. A year full of late night feeds, gifts for good friends and most importantly getting rewarded. Let’s get into it and find out how you’ve been making the best of your moments this year. Simply head into your app to view yours!

We’ve also prepared a list of handy questions & answers below, check them out: 

Top Tip

First off, make sure you’re on the latest version of the Beem app (iOS / Android) to access your 2022 Beem Bundle.

Where can I find my 2022 Beem Bundle? 

  • For both iOS & Android users: You can find your 2022 Beem Bundle on the Beem mobile app with a banner in your Home and Profile section.  

What are the requirements to get a personalised 2022 Beem Bundle?

  • If you’ve joined before November 2022, you’ll receive a personalised Beem Bundle. 

  • If you’ve joined after November 2022, you’ll receive a unique Beem Bundle specific to new Beemers. 

Why don’t I have the same info as my friends?

  • If you’ve joined after November 2022 your activity on the app is limited. But we didn’t want you to miss out on the fun, so we’ve created a unique Beem Bundle just for our new Beemers. 

  • As long as you keep enjoying the app into the new year, we’ll be able to enhance your experience with a more personalised Beem Bundle for 2023. 

Who can see my Beem Bundle? 

  • Only you! It’s your Bundle for your eyes only, unless you choose to share it with your buddies. 

Can I share my Beem Bundle stories?

  • For phone: you can share directly while viewing your Beem Bundle on the app.

  • For desktop: once you click “Share this”, the story will be downloaded to your computer as an image. Feel free to share online as you wish. 

We hope you enjoy your Bundle & be sure to hit us up via with any feedback you have!

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