Love is in the details

It’s that time of year for all the romantics out there. Whether it’s self love or for a special someone, there’s always beauty in meaningful messages for a lover to receive on Valentine’s Day. 

Cash is Queen

First up, there’s nothing like some instant cash. You may be thinking, money, really? It’s not just a number or a 100 dollar bill...

Send instant money &

  • 💸 help a friend with their bills. 

  • 💸 build a special someone’s financial freedom fund. 

  • 💸 excite a mate with an online purchase they’ve been eyeing. 

  • 💸 shout a month of coffee.

Be creative with what you give. There are details in money if you’re willing to spark an idea. 

Send $$ 

There’s something for everyone. 

There are a bunch of gift cards on deck with Beem. Gift cards can speak to someone’s interest. They could have a green thumb and love gardening or have eyes on a holiday to save for. 

Here are some great gift cards on Beem:

  • 👖 Freshen up → The Iconic 

  • 💄 Gloss up → Sephora 

  • ✈️ Travel → 

  • 🧑‍🌾 Home → Bunnings 

  • 🪂 Experience → Adrenaline 

  • 🤘 Share a night out → Ticketmaster

  • 📱 Know a mate WFH? → JBHifi 

Whatever you decide, get personal and be real with your message. Whoever’s receiving it would love to read it. 

Find a gift card

Reward Yourself! 

Treat yourself with a gift you’ve bookmarked. We’re down for it, 100%! So we’ve done the full scope to help you with ways to save a bit extra while you gift yourself with Rewards. 

  • 🥰 Adore Beauty (Spend $100 and get $15 cashback)

  • 🥰 1001 Optical (Up to 60% off + 2% cashback)

  • 🥰 (up to 5% cashback)

  • 🥰 F45 (two weeks of unlimited F45 training for $45)

  • 🥰 G-Star Raw (10% cashback)

  • 🥰 Kathmandu (up to 50% off + 2% cashback)

  • 🥰 Pretty Little Thing (up to 75% off + 2% cashback)

  • 🥰 Rolla’s Jeans (6% cashback)

  • 🥰 Showpo (4% cashback)

  • 🥰 Tuchuzy (5% cashback)

Receive rewards

Whatever you choose to give or enjoy, remember that the best love comes from a great mindset, good intentions and healthy self-talk. As long as you tick those boxes, good karma will be on its way. ✨🔁✨

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