Games, Groups, Galore!

The Australian sports season is jam packed with games and group activities throughout the year. From group sessions at bouldering gyms to after work soccer and touch footy games; there's a wide range of activities to get involved in, to hit that sweet spot of healthy social connections and your endorphins pumping!

With Beem, there are two features that can add to your experience; making things easy, fun and more social during the sports season.

Dream teams are all in

The best part about group sports is the team mentality where you all chip in. Each member helps each other out and does their part for the bigger picture; to create real bonds, share experiences and win games. 

To keep everything flowing smoothly, especially behind the scenes of money things, with Beem you can create a group of up to 30 teammates including yourself to keep track of all purchases from equipment, games, feeds, ice baths and travel expenses. 

So divvy up the split however you seem fit and put focus on the action rather than the money.

Create a group today

Spend smarter, sweat harder

Get on the gain train without having to step foot in the gym with Beem Rewards. Within rewards, we have a stack of offers to help you make the most out of Beem while you shop for sports equipment, new shoes, gym memberships and even food. 

Beem Rewards allows you to purchase products via the app, to collect rewards in the form of cashback. Your cashback comes to your Beem wallet in the form of Beembucks which then allows you to withdraw that money you’ve earnt straight to your linked card. 

Our Beemers have collectively saved $150K+ by redeeming offers online and instore, so we don’t want you to miss out! We’ve done our best to single out the offers that you would need whether it’s on or off the field.

Note, the below offers are subject to change.

Adventures and Outdoor Camping Goods

  • Adventure Kings: 3% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • Skydive Australia: 4% cashback on all purchases (online). 


  • Champion Australia: 4% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • Footlocker: Up to 30% off + 5% cashback on all purchases (online). 

  • Intersport: 3% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • Lorna Jane: 3% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • Muscle Nation: 6% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • P.E Nation: 3% cashback on all purchases (online).

Sports and Gym Equipment

  • Decathlon: 4% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • Gym Direct: 4% cashback on all purchases (online).

  • Sportitude: 5% cashback on all purchases (online).

Gym Memberships

  • F45: Two weeks of unlimited F45 training for only $45 / 20% off all training packages (online). 

  • Rosebery Gym: Up to 12% cashback (instore).

Meal Prep 

  • My Muscle Chef: 3% cashback on all purchases (online).

These are just a select few of offers we have on deck when it comes to getting that adrenaline and sweat. For the full scope, explore and redeem rewards here.

Terms and Conditions apply. Neither Beem Rewards nor Beembucks have any monetary value. Any value assigned and any redemption is at the sole discretion of Digital Wallet Pty Ltd. There is no entitlement to Beem Rewards and Beembucks until Digital Wallet has notified the user that their Beem Rewards have a value, the user has accumulated more than AUD$10 in Beembucks notified value and the user has requested redemption, provided Digital Wallet has not given notice cancelling the Beem Rewards Program before that time. For more information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Beem Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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