Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beem It all about?+

Beem It is a mobile payment app that allows you to pay and get paid by anyone effortlessly, securely and instantly no matter who you bank with; as long as you're both registered Beem It users.

How much does it cost?+

Nothing. It's free to download and use. Whether it's with friends and family or for a side gig – Beem It is completely FREE.

Is this legit?+

Absolutely. We are a joint venture that is endorsed by Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac.

Is Beem It secure?+

Sure is. Beem It has bank level security and all your important information is encrypted so people can't access it. We authenticate every transaction and have real time fraud monitoring.

Your information is also secure. We only share your data for government regulations for security and fraud purposes.

You need to do your bit too. Don't send money to people you personally don't know. Please keep your account details secure. Don't share your password with anyone and make it hard to guess.

If you think your account has been compromised in any way, please let your bank know straight away and change your Beem It password. You can also cancel your Beem It account if you want.

How is Beem It different to other digital payment services and products?+

Beem It is for everyone: if you have an Australian Visa or Mastercard debit card you can pay one another with Beem It, instantly. Beem It is ready to use now. It doesn't matter if you have an iOS or Android phone, you and your friends can pay each other with Beem It.

Beem It is instant: it takes 7 taps to make a payment to a friend. The money leaves your account, and appears in the recipient's account instantly.

Request and Split: It's not just about paying people. Beem It also takes the hassle out of getting paid. You can split a bill with mates, or request someone to pay you back. It's just as quick and easy as making a payment.

Beem It is FREE: we don't charge any fees to sign up, pay, request or split payments.

We're constantly improving Beem It to be an easy and quick way to pay for everyone in Australia.