Beem It for Small Business

What do I need to do to accept payments?+

Beem It is small business ready. All you need is a Beem It account setup with a valid Visa/Mastercard debit card.

Can I create a separate profile for my business?+

In order to set up a second profile, you'll need the following:

  • An Australian mobile number for your business (not the same as your personal Beem It account)
  • A separate bank account for your business with a debit card
  • Set up a new Beem It account, using your name (not your business) for ID verification. We suggest that you pick an appropriate @username for your business. This is how your customers will find you.

    If you want to change the display name on the transaction receipt, you can do so by editing your profile, and changing the display name.

How do my customers pay?+

All your customers need to do is have the Beem It app, where they can either

  • pay to your @username in the app
  • scan your business QR code that you can easily print out (more on that below)

Once they pay, they can show you their receipt. That's confirmation the money is in your bank account.

How quickly will I receive payments?+

Beem It is instant. When a customer pays you, the money is available in your bank account straight away. Try it out.

How do I reconcile payments?+

Beem It lists all the payments you have accepted, and these payments will show up in your bank account as "BEEMIT.COM.AU". We are working quickly to improve this process for you.

How do I use QR codes?+

If you have a standard set of goods or services, you can create a set of QR codes, that you can either share with customers or print out and use like barcodes.

How to set up a QR code for a product or service:

  • Create a new transaction
  • Select "Request"
  • Put in the amount that you would normally charge
  • Select "someone nearby"
  • Put a description of the service
  • Take a screenshot and email it to yourself
  • Print out your screen shot
  • Repeat to add more items

Alternatively, if you'd like to accept variable payments from customers, just print out your QR Code on the Profile Page of your app.

How would my customers use a QR code?+

Once you have printed your QR code(s), you can ask your customers to scan the QR code with Beem It to easily pay you.

Can I setup my Beem It account on other phones?+

Yes, but you must maintain the security of your devices, PIN and password and never tell your PIN or password to anyone. You may be liable for any loss due to fraud otherwise.

When will you be releasing a version of Beem It that handles more complex business needs?+

We're working to better understand your needs, and evolve Beem It for small business. Help us improve by sending feedback to