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Life is full of memorable moments. Moments that shouldn't be interrupted by money. And Beem It helps you keep them that way.

Pay and get paid instantly, effortlessly and securely, no matter who you bank with - just Beem It.

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Pay anyone. Any time. Instantly.

You've paid. They've paid - all in an instant. It doesn't matter who you bank with, all you need is a Mastercard or Visa debit card and their @username or phone number.

Don't ruin moments asking for money

Simply send your friends a payment request. They can then pay right away with the swipe of a finger, without the need for awkward conversations.

"No split bills"? No worries

Finally, it's easy to split the bill, anyway you like. With Beem It, you can share the bill as easily as you shared the pizza. You simply get what's owed, with funds received right away.

Security you can bank on

We have bank-grade security, bank-level encryption for your account info and real-time fraud monitoring. So you can worry less, and enjoy the moment.

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